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Welcome to Imperial Cabinets,

 where dream kitchens are realized through two components: understanding what your vision is, and plugging that into our well-established operations and expertise to hit the nail on the head every time. Your mission becomes the goal of our dedicated designers and installers, and close communication makes the process of arriving at an exceptional kitchen seamless for you.


We’re the hinge that connects quality cabinets and kitchens with customer service. That’s what makes the process so enjoyable for all involved. Our customer service includes understanding your exact ideals and rendering models for you to visualize that ideal before we manage the precise and efficient installation.



Residential or Commercial, We've Got You Covered

Custom Cabinets

We have long-standing relationships with Canada’s finest material suppliers because we know how much use cabinets endure, so only top-quality materials can really serve the intended purpose. Our custom kitchen cabinets are made to the preferences of our clients, so not only will you get premium workmanship, but they’re available in any color, any style and any dimension – they're entirely yours.

Some of Our Latest Projects

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Commercial Projects

Commercial Woodwork 

Our expertise goes far beyond residential cabinetry and our team provides excellent woodwork solutions for commercial spaces. Whether you need to breathe some life back into your break room or boardroom, or you want to add a customized touch to your company kitchen, we work to make your vision a reality. Create the perfect aesthetic for your business space, and inspire your employees and visitors in equal measure with expertly crafted, specially designed for your interior needs.   

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